Salary: $44,000 - $51,000, $6,000 stipend for health insurance

Benefits: Equity, Paid Vacation, Annual Bonus, Maternity/Paternity Leave

Reports to: Austin Senseman, CEO

Our Vision: Better Care for more Collections

We’re looking for a talented early career collections care professional to liaise with conservation, preservation, and collections colleagues. If you love preventive conservation and have a history of coordinating with professionals across the galleries/libraries/archives/museum field, we want you on our team! As the Conservation Liaison you’ll be responsible for developing relationships, sponsorships, and programs with environmental monitoring thought leaders, preventive conservation subject matter experts, and customers. This is an entry level position.


  • Develop and manage a virtual community of conservation thought leaders and customers
  • Identify and build relationships with influential organizations willing to beta test Conserv
  • Build out sponsorships/partnerships with graduate programs and professional organizations
  • Coordinate with our board of advisors to convene a roundtable of thought leaders
  • Become an expert in how how collections use our products to reach their goals
  • Represent the voice of our customers to the marketing, customer success, and product teams
  • Work with marketing to ensure all content is on-brand and consistent in style, quality and tone
  • Manage a $25,000 budget for sponsorships/partnerships; $4,000 for professional development


  • Knowledge in preservation, conservation, and/or collections care
  • Experience in a museum, archive, library, university or private collection environment
  • Comfortable with monitoring collections and environmental monitoring tools
  • Passion for innovating and building better products for collections professionals
  • A+ listening to deeply understand conservators’ and preservation professionals’ needs
  • Social & outgoing communicator — you’ll be communicating with lots of people!
  • Critical, independent problem-solver

Our Mission

There are millions of people around the world committed to preserving our cultural heritage - in libraries, museums, archives, historic properties, storage and private collections. This community is focused on preservation -- the process of identifying and minimizing risks to collections arising from the environment, pests, theft, and other agents of deterioration. Because current preservation tools are inadequate - too hard to use (not built for us) and too expensive (not a good value) - important elements of our cultural heritage are at risk.

Conserv exists to increase access to quality preventive conservation technology. We are making big investments in hardware and software to enable cultural heritage professionals to more easily prevent damage to collections. We believe that preventive conservation is the sustainable way forward for preservation.

Conserv exists to listen and respond to the needs of collections care professionals. We are designing products to support professionals from diverse backgrounds at collections of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Our tools reflect a belief in progress over perfection for every collection.

Conserv exists to support preservation research and commercialization efforts. Working with our customers, we’re developing shared datasets that will empower preservation researchers to ask new questions. And we’re partnering with researchers to ensure that the best ideas turn into practical applications for collections around the world. We’re a force multiplier for preservation research projects.

Conserv exists to further the mission of the collections we serve. We are helping tell the stories of our partners - incredibly interesting people doing important work. We believe that our success starts with the success of the people we serve. We aim to be a preservation partner, not just another vendor.

Conserv is now evolving from an environmental monitoring tool into a complete platform for preventive conservation work. Over the next few years we’re developing tools for pest management, disaster planning and recovery, predictive modeling, fractional conservation services, and a virtual courier offering.

These are our ambitious projects to re-shape what’s possible for preservation professionals. The old constraints are gone. Conserv is a company completely focused on collections with a team that can deliver. We’re looking forward to building whatever we can dream up together.


Austin Senseman, CEO