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Conserv is a comprehensive system for managing your collection environment with confidence. Our continuous, automated data collection, real-time alerts, and integrated IPM and environmental data ensure that you always have up-to-date information about your entire collection environment. With Conserv’s customizable alerts, identify environmental problems as they happen to avoid costly problems. Conserv’s continuous automated data collection and regularly refreshed sensors mean that you have complete datasets viewable from anywhere - no gaps when you can’t download data or replace a battery in time. Streamline your workflow by having all of your preventive conservation data in one place, our simple yet powerful software. 

Partner with a team of preservation professionals.

Conserv has designed tools for you, based on thousands of conversations with the people actually taking care of collections. The experienced conservators on our staff understand your goals, and always listen to your needs. Our subscription model includes support from the team of full-time conservators, as well as batteries, technology upgrades and calibration, so you never need to worry if your sensors are accurate. With a Conserv subscription, there are no hidden costs, letting you budget effectively for the long term.

Remove the complexity from your environmental monitoring workflow.

Self-service setup of Conserv’s wireless sensors is easy, all you need is a cellular connection. Plug in your monitoring equipment and it just works.  With Conserv, you don’t need IT or facilities people for setup or maintenance. Our alternative wireless technology, LoRaWAN, also lets you deploy environmental monitoring sensors in challenging locations without WiFi or internet connectivity. Conserv saves time too! An average customer eliminates 100% of time-consuming manual data collection, getting back many hours to spend on higher value activities.

Create a common language for monitoring at your organization.

Conserv’ software makes it easy to analyze and share environmental information. The software includes out of the box preservation analytics based on temperature, relative humidity, light and UV readings, providing real insight into your collection environment. You can invite unlimited free users into a software account, where everyone can view data, analytics and observations. The whole team can see environmental and pest data from different locations, conveniently accessed in one place, anytime. Conserv’s software also generates reports for easy sharing with colleagues, partners and lenders.

Manage your collection environment with confidence.

Almost 200 museums, libraries, archives and historic properties are now monitoring their collection environments with Conserv. 2,400 users have made a Conserv account, where they have collectively created 2500 unique locations, 7000 spaces, and 20,000 observations. Our system collects about 5500 readings every hour, almost 4 million readings a month! We see each of these users as a partner, and value their voices. As Nancie Ravenel, Objects Conservator at The Shelburne Museum explains, ““You are constantly getting in touch with us about what you’re working on, and what I think about it. So much of this work is about listening—and you do that well.” Join the hundreds of cultural heritage collections using Conserv and manage your collection environment with confidence.



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